Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum:

At Kids University we implement The Beyond  Centers and Circle Time (BCCT) Curriculum’s approach, which has been successfully used for over thirty years with typically and atypically developing children.


This thematic based curriculum is designed to meet the individual and cultural needs of each child by providing them opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in all the domains.  Our highly trained teachers carefully plan organized play experiences where the children have opportunities to manipulate, explore, experiment, problem-solve, make choices and develop new skills.

BCCT has been written to help teachers provide rich and developmentally appropriate experiences that will inspire children’s creativity and scientific inquiry.  Playing with unity blocks, mud and other construction play materials both inside and outside the classroom allow children to experiment and draw conclusions about their experience.  It also provides children with information about the natural world around them for them to expand their cognitive knowledge and enhance their curiosity while increasing their reflective and expressive vocabularies.

All of our staff is trained in CPR and First Aid.

Our Programs:

  • We accept children 1 yr-12 years of age.
  • We have full and part time schedules available.
  • Drop in days when there are is no public school.
  • Spring break, Winter and summer camp programs available.
  • Breakfast lunch and snack included.
  • VPK approved center.

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